This project was designed by Te Ohaakii a Hine: National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together – Tauiwi Caucus (TOAH-NNEST – TC). TOAH-NNEST is a national network of organisations who are committed to promoting the changes necessary to enable everyone to live free of sexual violence and its effects. TOAH-NNEST consists of two houses and works through relationships that are generated from a commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  Nga Kaitiaki Mauri o Te Ohaakii a Hine is the tikanga Māori house.  Te Ohaakii a Hine – Te Ohaakii a Hine: National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together – Tauiwi Caucus (TOAH-NNEST – TC) is the Tauiwi house.

 We italicise the word “Mainstream” in the title of the report to acknowledge that it’s generated from what is currently considered the dominant discourse of sexual violence work. We want to reduce the risk of making hegemonic assumptions in our work, but recognise that a sector-agreed alternative is not currently available. Acknowledging diversity is critical, and we know that all policy and practice must be informed by specific community expertise. While all viewpoints may not be represented here, we recognise the importance of resourcing community expertise and working to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

 Many people have supported and contributed to the development of this document by engaging with the consultation process and offering insightful feedback.


Project Coordinator: In order to complete the requirements of this project, Project Coordinator with sector/practitioner knowledge, was contracted to conduct the tasks of completing this report. The work of the Lead Researcher was overseen and supported by the Tauiwi Caucus Manager.

Project Coordinator: Miriam Gioia Sessa 

Miriam is an Italian-English national who began Feminist and Social Justice activism at the age of 14 while living in Rome. For the last twenty years she has worked in different areas of the anti-sexual and domestic violence movement and is an experienced facilitator, community educator and organizer in the areas of violence prevention and intervention. During this time she has developed a passion for workforce development, believing that to serve our communities well workers and organisations need to feel confident in their practice and be committed to ongoing learning and growth. Over the last two years, she has been exploring and developing training digital solutions through robust instructional design and technology that is accessible to community organisers and the Not for Profit sector.

Tauiwi Caucus Manager: Mary Beresford-Jones

We acknowledge all those from the Sexual Violence Sector who have given their time and support to this project. They include The Project Advisory Group, particularly Rachel Fabish, the organisations currently delivering Sexual Violence Prevention Programs who identified the need for this project, and all those who are working towards a country where sexual violence is never acceptable. For their specific contributions we would also like to thank:

  • Akerei (Rei) Marsala-Thomson, General Manager – Village Collective & White Ribbon Ambassador

  • Becca Barrow, Accident Compensation Corporation

  • Cindy Lee, Bay of Plenty Sexual Assault Support Service

  • Cornelia Baumgartner, Empowerment Trust (NZ)

  • Eleanor Butterworth, Respect and Relationship Project Manager NZ Rugby

  • Kathryn McPhillips, Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP

  • Kylie McKee, Bay of Plenty Sexual Assault Support Service

  • Ratika Rai, Accident Compensation Corporation

  • Roly Hermans, New Zealand Police

  • Sandra Dickson

  • Respect Ed (former Sexual Abuse Prevention Network)

  • Stephanie Parashar, Sexual Abuse Support and Healing Inc (SASH-Nelson)

  • Toni Wallace, Whanganui Safe and Free

  • Women’s Self Defence Network – Wāhine Toa

  • Zaif Kahn, Rape Prevention Education

Project Advisory Group Members:

  • Cornelia Baumgartner, Empowerment Trust (NZ)

  • Fiona McNamara, Respect Ed

  • Georgia Knowles

  • Heather Came, Auckland University of Technology

  • Irene Ayallo, Unitec Institute of Technology

  • Jess Hayden

  • Jonathan Selu

  • Laura Corradi, Universitá di Calabria

  • Rachel Harrison

  • Sue Jackson, Victoria University


  • ACC Injury Prevention: This project was funded by ACC Injury Prevention with the aim to develop good practice in that area of Sexual Violence Prevention.

A special thank you goes to Rachel Harrison and Maria Humphries-Kil for editorial suggestions and support during the development of this document. Thank you also to everyone who offered their wisdom, but did not wish to be mentioned, and have influenced this document greatly.