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About Us

TOAH-NNEST is the national network of those providing specialist services for sexual violence prevention and intervention: Te Ohaakii a Hine-National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together.

It represents:

  • About 40 specialist not for profit organisations (NGOs)
  • Many individual specialists working throughout Aotearoa New Zealand in whanau/ families, hapu, iwi and communities.

It also has associate members from a wide range of allied NGOs.

TOAH-NNEST’s vision is for Aotearoa New Zealand to be free of sexual violence.


Spectrum of sexual violence services

The wide spectrum of specialist sexual violence services represented by TOAH-NNEST includes:

Primary prevention: Promoting healthy and respectful social norms in whanau/families, hapu, iwi and communities

Early intervention: Crisis support for victim/survivors, including support in the criminal justice system, forensic medical services for victim/survivors and support for children displaying inappropriate sexualised behaviours

Recovery and support for victim/survivors

Longer term treatment for victim/survivors with high and complex needs

Harmful sexual behaviour services for people who have perpetrated sexual abuse or harm on others.

Specialist advice and training for government agencies and for professionals working with sexual violence e.g. psychologists, counsellors, GPs, nurses, health workers, teachers, social workers

Promotion of law reform to increase the accountability of offenders.