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rapeNgā Whiitiki Whanau Ahuri Mowai O Aotearoa

The National Collective of Rape Crisis and Related Groups of Aotearoa

“To Eliminate Rape and Sexual Violence/Abuse against Women and Children in our communities.”

The National Collective of Rape Crisis was birthed in Aotearoa as a result of women needing help to: be safe, protect each other and their children and young people, to help each other heal and politically challenge and change a system that supported rape, sexual violence and child sexual abuse. The ‘voices’ of thousands of survivors and their families and friends are held by NRC as we go forward into a future that is free from sexual violence.


Rape Crisis works from an understanding of rape that is different from legal definitions, within Rape Crisis philosophy rape includes all sexual acts forced on unwilling participants, not specifically penetration of a penis into the vagina, and all forms of coercion, not only physical. We recognise child rape within the family as a prevalent form of rape in our society and we recognise the special needs of women and children survivors of such rape.

We promote the concept that women heal themselves with support from other women, that women are best able to choose their own supports and that we, as women, are strong and important.We work from a holistic approach to support which acknowledges wairua, tinana, hinengaro, ngakau and mana whanau.

We offer

A korowai wrap around service for all women and child survivors of Sexual Violence regardless of race/creed/age/sexual orientation. Support for all women in their self-healing, support for partners, family and whanau who are supporting women and children in their healing. We are a referral service only for male survivors of sexual violence.

What we do

The National Collective was formed to act as an umbrella organization for specialist sexual violence agencies in Aotearoa. The National Collective aims to provide a public profile for the issue of Rape and Sexual Violence/Abuse in our communities. The National Collective is a bicultural organization and we affirm the Declaration of Independence as the founding document of Aotearoa and its existence in Te Ao. We actively support Tangata Whenua aspirations for Tino Rangatiratanga.

National Rape Crisis representatives have been involved since the 1970s in numerous partnered initiatives with Government including:

The initial processes of the formation of ACC survivor services

New Zealand Qualifications Authority Advisory Groups where National Rape Crisis was involved in the development of unit standards for sexual violence, family violence, youth worker, counsellor and social worker educational programmes through Te Kaiawhina ahu mahi.

Initial discussions about a network for the sexual violence sector that developed into TOAH-NNEST

Input into the Taskforce for Action Against Sexual Violence

Today National Collective Rape Crisis representatives are involved in national work that includes roles such as:

Advisory group for Tauiwi Prevention Project

Tripartite (Specialist Support Services, Police, DSAC) National Forum

ACC Sensitive Claims Advisory Group

Representation of National Rape Crisis voices on TOAH-NNEST occurs grounded in bicultural practice through Sandz Peipi for Ngā Kaitiaki Mauri and Andrea Black and Georgia Knowles for Tauiwi Caucus.

The National Collective represents nine affiliated collectives across the country including agencies in Dargaville, Kerikeri, Whangarei, Hamilton, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa, Westport and Dunedin. All of our collectives provide free and confidential services for women survivors of current or historic rape or sexual abuse, their whanau and friends.

Specialist services include:

  • A national toll free support line 0800 88 33 00
  • Prevention/education
  • Crisis support
  • Ongoing support, advocacy
  • Counselling, Therapy
  • Group work
  • Standardised Rape Crisis Training Programme
  • Professional Development
  • Resources
  • Networking and collaboration
  • Media response
  • Rape Awareness Week
  • Advisory and guidance
  • Lobbying