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Our Reports

Prevention Stocktake and Factsheets

In 2012 the Tauiwi Prevention Project completed a national stocktake of primary prevention activities, excluding kaupapa and tikanga Māori activities. The resulting report summarises data gained from the stocktake survey. Most activities and programmes to prevent sexual violence in New Zealand are provided by the community sector, in particular the specialist sexual violence intervention and prevention sector.

The stocktake illustrates that the specialist sexual violence sector has developed a range of primary prevention activities and programmes from within a very limited resource base. There is significant interest in further developing shared understandings of primary prevention from a national perspective, including resources which can be rolled out around the country.

Read the full report, factsheets below, or the Executive Summary:

Factsheet 1: Tauiwi Prevention Strategies

Factsheet 2: Tauiwi Prevention Programmes

Factsheet 3: Tauiwi Prevention Partnerships and Networks  

Factsheet 4: Tauiwi Prevention Information, Resources and Support Needs


The general public primarily learn about social and community issues through the media. News reporting is crucial to how sexual violence is understood in our communities.

In our media audit of 2012 news reporting in New Zealand, sexual violence stories seldom included expert commentary. Instead, commonly held but untrue beliefs featured prominently. Reporting was largely restricted to events surrounding the investigation and trial of those accused of sexual violence. There was confusion between “sex” and “sexual violence” and what consent means.

Read the results of our media audit here:

Reporting Sexual Violence (Acrobat pdf) (Word doc)

Media Sexual Violence Factsheet (Acrobat pdf) (Word doc)