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Primary Prevention Programmes for Tauiwi and Bicultural Communities

“The Tauiwi Prevention Project” has a database of primary prevention programmes based on responses to our stocktake survey, published in Preventing Sexual Violence: A Stocktake of Tauiwi & Bicultural Primary Prevention Activities 2013. The following programmes are available to prevent sexual violence around the country.


Shakti Legal Advocacy & Family Social Services Inc.

National Collective of Rape Crisis and Related Groups Aotearoa

Women's Self Defence Network Wahine Toa

Family and Community Services

Rainbow Youth

Rape Prevention Education, Whakatu Mauri

CAPS Hauraki Inc

New Zealand Police

Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation

Empowerment Trust

Family Planning

Rape Crisis Dunedin

Te Puna Oranga

Support of Sexually Abused (SOS) Kaipara

  • Ph: 09 439 6070
  • Email:
  • All programmes available in the Kaipara District - Northland
  • Dealing with Disclosures
  • Sexual Abuse and Violence Education (SAVE)
  • What is Sexual Abuse?
  • Safety Skills
  • Sexual Harassment

Sexual Abuse Prevention Network

Wairarapa Rape & Sexual Abuse collective Inc

Abuse & Rape Crisis Support (ARCS) Manawatu