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Membership Tauiwi Caucus

Organisations and individuals who qualify are welcome to become members of our society, TOAH-NNEST Tauiwi Caucus Incorporated. There are two types of membership:

Full Membership for organisations such as incorporated societies and charitable trusts whose:

  • Work against sexual violence is specified in their legal mission, philosophy, aims, objectives and so forth
  • Operations are considered consistent with the principles of our society.

Associate Membership for organisations and individuals who are:

  • Interested in and supportive of our principles and nominated by a member of the society.

Click TOAH-NNEST Tauiwi Caucus Inc Constitution to learn more about TOAH-NNEST Tauiwi Caucus Incorporated, its principles and its membership requirements.

Click below to learn more about our society’s principles concerning the Te Tiriti o Waitangi-based partnership between Tauiwi Caucus and Ngā Kaitiaki Mauri.

Te Tiriti Relationship Agreement