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Getting Help 

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You can seek specialist help immediately after a sexual assault, or if it happened a long time ago.

Regardless of whether it is recent or historic sexual abuse, you can call or visit a specialist sexual violence service for counselling, support, resources and information or just to talk.

TOAH-NNEST agencies offer specialist help and support if you are a survivor, or if you have been behaving in harmful sexual ways towards others.

We can also help you if you have a loved one who has experienced or perpetrated sexual violence. 

Our Kaupapa Māori Services offer support and counselling by Māori, for Māori and for people of all other communities in Aotearoa.

Check out our map for the specialist services nearest to you.

Get Help as a Survivor

Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact. If you are a survivor of a sexual assault or want to know more information about sexual assault  > read more...

Help a Loved One

If you have a loved one that has survived a sexual assault there are things as you can do to help them. > read more...

What is Sexual Violence

Child Sexual Abuse

Male Survivors

The Law