Between 2007 and 2009, TOAH-NNEST partnered with ten government agency chief executives in the Taskforce for Action on Sexual Violence. The collaboration between government and community allowed the creation of an up-to-date evidence base of research and information to guide future actions.

The Taskforce was asked to identify the actions required to better prevent and respond to sexual violence in Aotearoa New Zealand, with a focus on adult victim/survivors of sexual violence because of the particular difficulties that adults encounter within the criminal justice system.

The final report from the taskforce ‘Te Toiora Mata Tauherenga – Report of the Taskforce for Action on Sexual Violence’ was published in 2009 by the Ministry of Justice. The report structured over 70 recommendations into three priority areas – preventing sexual violence (focussed on primary prevention), developing effective specialist frontline services for victims and offenders, and reforming criminal justice.


Specialist frontline services

Criminal justice

Future directions and approaches

You can download a summary of the report here, and the full Taskforce report here.