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Survivors: Get Help

You can seek specialist help immediately after a sexual assault, or if it happened a long time ago. Regardless of whether it is recent or historic sexual abuse, you can call or visit a specialist sexual violence service for counselling, support, resources and information or just to talk.

Some agencies have specialist counsellors on-site and others can refer you to specialist counsellors in your local community. Payment for counselling varies – some agencies offer free counselling, others ask you to make a contribution or to seek ACC or WINZ funding to contribute to costs. If you have reported to the Police, you may be entitled to financial assistance to replace anything you might have lost during the assault. A specialist agency can assist you with applying for this from Victim Support. 


Funding for counselling

ACC and WINZ provide funding for counselling to help you recover from sexual abuse. Find out more about both processes here.

Was I assaulted?

Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact. This includes sexual contact made by opportunity (e.g. you were intoxicated and could not say no), coercion,  > read more...

Reporting to the Police

It is your decision to report sexual violence to the police or not. There is no statute of limitations in New Zealand. This means that you can report sexual violence at anytime > read more...

What is Sexual Violence

Child Sexual Abuse

Male Survivors

The Law