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What is child sexual abuse?

Child sexual abuse is when another person sexualises a child, or uses a child for their sexual gratification. Abuse can involve both non-contact and contact acts these may include:

  • Deliberately watching the child undress
  • Exposing his or her genitals to the child
  • Masturbating in the child’s presence
  • Exposing the child to sexual acts or pornography
  • Provocative statements with sexual meanings
  • Directing a child to perform a sexual act
  • Touching the child sexually
  • Using the child’s body in a sexual way-for masturbation, intercourse, anal sex or oral sex

Sexual abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of class, age, sex, race or family situation.



Find the child sexual abuse prevention resource. ‘Ending offending together’ here:

Child Matters:

Safeguarding Children:

New Zealand Police:


Follow this link for a list of books around child sexual abuse available from Rape Crisis Dunedin

Downloadable resources

Child Sexual Abuse Factsheet

Child Development Age and Stages

Look Listen Act

How can I protect my child from sexual abuse?